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Does your Companies vision excite you or leave you feeling flat?

Download the vision document to give you some ideas on what to look at to make the future exciting.

Have you thought about why your Company exists?


In all businesses, everyone will know what you do. Some will know How you do it b ut very few if any will know Why?

A BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal is a term set out by Jim Collins to inspire Companies to look beyond the standard 3-5 year view and create something truly great. 

Its important to paint a very clear picture for all the team as to where the Company will be in 3 years time.

Is it clearly defined for you?

If not then perhaps this will help visualise it?


Sometimes working too much in your business can make you forget what the business is there for. To provide you, your family, your team and their families with a life. Its not meant to BE your life.

Heres a document that gives you a framework so that you can work more ON your Company and keep perspective


Working with people can be a huge obstacle or the greatest adventure. Getting the right people on board to help you realise your vision is critical.

But how to get them?

Here is a step by step guide to creating the ad, the interview, and the assimilation into your business.

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