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Testimonials and reviews can be a great long as they are genuine!


Seriously, some of the testimonials you see on websites and on the backs of buses will go along the lines of....


"This product has transformed my life and now my family love me again"

Mr Smith


...who's Mr Smith? Where does he live? Is he actually real?....Doubt it



Some reviews are hilarious....

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 19.26.23.png

and my personal all-time favourite (be warned....will make you cry with laughter)...13000 people found it helpful!

Anyway, the chaps below are real people with great teams and have been brave enough to take on the challenge


this is Phil


Phil is not only a tremendously good looking man but he also runs a very successful business helping older folks live out their days with dignity, pride and happiness. He and his team have made so much progress in so many ways.


Phils Company exists..

To enable the people of Mansfield and Ashfield that require care and support to remain in their own homes with dignity and respect for as long as possible



see what he says


here's Ben


A fine figure of a gentleman Ben also runs a fast growing estate agent in the East Midlands with a huge ambition to expand and wipe out the online agents ruining the experience for many people!


Bens Company exists..

To deliver a complete moving experience to amaze our clients from start to finish and positively effect the lives of 10 million people



see what he says


and Steve


Steve is incredibly strong and amazes people with his juggling skills. Doubling his sales in just a year is just one of his team's many achievements.


Steve's Company exists..

To become the Amazon of the valve industry! Now there's a challenge



see what he says

that will do!


There are more but this website is here to help you....


The bottom line is that this stuff really does work....and fast


There are some pre-requisites though and these are so important...


Your team must also be up for the challenge otherwise it will feel like pushing water uphill. Now, this can mean a variety of things but ultimately it will take a seriously long time to implement the tools and transitions if they aren't on board.


You have to be willing to go way out of your comfort zone


"Your business is perfectly constructed right now to give you your current results"

Tom Peters






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