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Why do we think about stuff we dont want to?

Ever wondered why its so difficult to look on the bright-side sometimes?

Why do we always assume the worst?

Heres a little test - ask someone to write down all the things that are great at and love to do. Then ask them to write down the stuff they dont like and hate.

I would make a bet that the "hate" list will be longer than the "love" list.

So why do we think that way in business and life? Why do we always assume the worst before we take the time to analyse and think it through.

Well it turns out that our brains aren't wired for this world. Our primitive minds just haven't evolved as quickly as the world around us has. As such we are still programmes primarily for the fight or flight scenario that plagued us when we were hunter gatherers and well before.

As an neuro linguistic programming coach I am well aware of the power of our subconscious minds and how it seems to be able to sabotage us at will.

Being able to control our thoughts, have awareness of why we think things that we don't want to, can have huge implications on who we choose to become.

In his fantastic book "The Chimp Paradox" professor Steve Peters explains this exceptionally well. Here is a glimpse into his world which is my second favourite TED talk of all time

Isn't it interesting?

Our limbic system is the creator of all the catastrophic thinking that we do. It can be a cause of mental issues that really shouldn't be there. It opens up a whole new world of "What if" possibilities.

So now you know.

You know why you think the way you do. Question is, what will you do about it to become the person you want to be?

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