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Why team engagement is a business pandemic and what we must do to halt it

The stats on team engagement in the workplace for the UK are dismal. Only 11% (Steelcase Global Report - Engagement and the global workplace) of the workforce are actively helping business owners move their Companies forward.

This report also highlights that 77% are passive and 12% are actively disengaged, meaning they are harming your Company.

This is costing you and the economy in a colossal way. So the question is "Why?"

UK employee engagement

In the US employee engagement is higher at 31% according to the report.

In my experience as a coach, there are 2 key issues facing the UK workforce:-

1. They don't know how their work is meaningful to the Company.

2. Distractions

On the first one its so important to have a clear Company vision that highlights the next 3 years so that your people can become excited about where you are taking them. If you don't have that then how are they supposed to be actively engaged in the challenges ahead?

With the second one leaders need to recognise how the working environment is adversely affecting the productivity of the team. Do they have focused goals to accomplish each day that are taking them to an overall objective? Yes, its true that we live in a world full of distraction with emails, social media etc but as leaders its important to allow people the uninterrupted time to get the right things done instead of charging forward without thought because another deadline is looming. Far better to accomplish 100% of one task than 50% of two don't you think?

This pandemic will have far reaching generational consequences. If leaders don't take the time to resolve the issue for themselves, their Companies and their teams and with Artificial Intelligence just around the corner before it hits mainstream business, your people should always be the first priority.

Open their eyes to the exciting journey ahead and watch them grow and thrive without you needing to be over their shoulder.

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