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Don't plan the week ahead until you have read this - it may save you weeks!

In my job as a coach, I meet with a lot of business owners. Some engage in a program and some don't but what they all agree on is the proper use of their time!
Now there are lots of wonderful time management tools out there and this post isn't about those. This post is about the common misconception that I come across when business owners and directors consider their time.

You see, there are only 24 hours in a day. Some people use that 24 hours to maximise themselves and their performance and achieve unbelievable things. Some use that 24 hours in shall we say, less resourceful ways.
I ask business owners and directors one question - so what date is the business finished for you? That can mean a number of things but it ultimately means that the business will continue to pay out whether or not the owner turns up.
When I ask how long they have given themselves to do this I often get a rather blank look because its not something they have thought about.
Time, it seems, will be forever on their side.....WRONG!

Heres an interesting exercise for you to ponder before you consider writing down a plan of action this week that may not necessarily move your business forward:-
  1. Imagine theres a big jar in from of you

  2. Lets say that you will die when you are 80 years old. From birth that gives you 4160 weeks. Imagine a glass marble goes into the jar for each week so fill that imaginary jar with 4160 marbles. Fill it to the top!

  3. Now, lets say your 40 - take out 2080 marbles. So now the jars half full.

  4. You want to be financially self dependant , meaning you can live off the income of all your resources by the time you are 50 so that you can live out your last 30 years enjoying all that life has to offer. Take out another 1560 marbles.

  5. Hows the jar looking now?

Time is an insidious thing. Saying to yourself I have 10 years gives a level of comfort, after all a year is a long time. Say to yourself that you have 520 weeks and that throws in a whole new level of urgency!
So before you plan this very special week, think on this exercise when prioritising whats important not just in business but also your personal life.

We are only here once - why not dream big and go hard for it. After all, if not you....who?

Marbles of time

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