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I love running events


Seriously, it's one of the best things about what I do


They are all about meeting others who share your problems and are looking for answers


There's almost a brotherhood in realising...


"hold on, I'm not alone."



Free ones


These are about giving you answers to real problems.


Giving you tools that you can implement immediately to get real results.


Why would you give this away for free I hear you cry??


Well, this all goes back to my own issues. I didn't know where to look or whom to turn to.


Its all about me giving back to as many people as I can.


Some people choose to take it further and engage in other programmes. Some don't.


Either way, these events are there to help. After that its up to you.


So coming up we have...


28th Feb 2020 9.30AM  - Derby Pride Park Stadium, Derby - REGISTER HERE

6th Mar 2020 9.30AM  - Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham - REGISTER HERE

20th Mar 2020 9.30AM  - Proact Stadium, Chesterfield - REGISTER HERE

In this free 3hr workshop, I will take you through the steps you need to get huge increases in team engagement to drive performance so that the business can run effectively without you needing to be there. Also tips on driving sales and marketing to get your sales where you want them to be.



These are tools that are in use by clients right now getting exceptional results


So these venues can take a whole lot more people but the reality is I enjoy keeping these events intimate.


We can take the time to answer your questions and really leave the event with some answers.


That's what it's all about.

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