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Hi, Steve here (founder of CBC)


So glad that you have found this page, however that may be!


There are no fancy graphics here, just a story


Maybe it will resonate with you maybe not. 


Maybe you're happy and content with your business and life. If so exceptionally well done. If not then perhaps this story and what comes next can give you something I had lost and then rediscovered.




Ever watched Star Wars?


If you haven't, you should. It's brilliant.


It has everything you want from a story. A frustrated hero that becomes what he was destined to be. A fantastic villain with a twist. A group of trusted companions bound together to save the galaxy. A discovery of purpose through a struggle against evil.


...and a triumphant ending!


Who's the hero in your story? Why it's you of course. Do you feel like a hero?


I didnt...and here's why.




if you want to skip the background and get to how you fix your Company, click this


for the rest, let's go a galaxy far far away!


Well, 10 years ago actually when I moved from Preston to Chesterfield (technically that still part of the galaxy) to take the helm at a Company and take it to new glittering heights of success....or not


"How the hell did it end up like this?"


That's what I was thinking in August 2014 staring out of an office window that felt like a prison cell.


Well maybe that's a bit dramatic but that's genuinely how I felt.....trapped


What terrible heinous act had befallen me to think this you ask?


Well, it was an email that questioned a decision I made...and not even a big decision.


The truth was though, that for a few years I felt that life was getting away from me. 


"Was this it" I would often think...."surely there is more to life"


Now don't get me wrong...I was a worker! Bordering on workaholic, I even chose to work Sundays just so that I could "get ahead".....sorry if that is where you are now (but the story gets better...promise)


The business was doing ok. Fifty people were employed and living their everyday existence and I was one of them...but I felt unfulfilled and without a purpose.


"Thats it"


.....I thought after getting the email, I have to get out of here...this was the trigger I needed to move out after 8 years.


Shit - how will I do that then!


So often is the case that we want to do something about our situation but just don't know the steps (more on that later)


Anyway, I didn't have a clue about what to do (despite being sat at the top of a Company with lots of people, multiple sites and multiple millions in sales!)


So I did what anyone would have done. Drew up a CV and put in on some job boards!


I had no grand plan. I just knew that now was the time and I would find something by the end of March 2015. Well, that's what I told my wife it happened it worked out quite perfectly.


12th January 2015 in the afternoon sometime.....


Now whether you believe in fate, the universe or (Star Wars again) the Force I got a call from a man called Sam.


Sam explained that there was a better way to run a business. Even better, you can build multiple businesses this that was more like it.


The saying goes "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" and hey least that's how I remember it.


"7 minutes was all it took"


....literally after taking Sams call and watching a video I parted with multiple thousands and decided to become....drum roll....."A Business Coach"...taa dah. That was an interesting conversation with the wife...."you've done WHAT?"


So back to the story....


All of a sudden I felt like I had my mojo back. I had a purpose that I truly deeply felt was my calling. You see I had always had an interest in the big names. The Richard Branson's, Steve Jobs and crew. How did they do it? Well now I had a framework but that was just the start.


The mission was now clear - Help others not f**k it up the way I had done.


Now I didn't cock it up in a financial way (well maybe a bit) but more in terms of a purposeful way.


I wasn't making myself happy so how the hell was I ever going to make my team happy?


Funny, that's the first time I have actually write that down...seems so simple now.


I had the heart to push hard but quite simply not the smarts. I hadn't read anything about "building a business". I was so head down arse up everyday its a wonder I ever saw the sun!


So lets fast forward to the next good bit....


"How the hell do I get some clients?"


Now anyone who has started from scratch knows the fear.


The dread of making the mortgage payment, feeding the family. The tumbling butterflies sensation deep in your stomach when you think about money. I told myself "everyone goes through this" but that didn't help much.


But this did...


"Daddy, have you got a new client?"



...the question my 7-year-old daughter would greet me with after a day of calls, staring at the computer doing "marketing stuff"


Nothing quite like the people that depend on you to ask you the direct questions.


Truth is I was just starting out. Trying to figure out the "How" bit.


I knew I desperately wanted to help others but it took another couple of years, reading about 112 books (here's some on the list) and training with 2 other coaching organisations to truly say...


"I can help anyone in any industry not be miserable!"


Now that statement might seem a little anti climatic....after all (spoiler alert) Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star to save his people.


For me though, not having the answers to problems meant that I couldn't act, and if you can act because you don't know then you end up in a perpetual cycle of increasing misery. That's where I was. Maybe you've been there?


"Nearly 4 years on"


Right, so this is where we are. Working with the most fantastic people in lots of different industries helping them not be miserable...yay! Heres a few to prove it!


Well, it's a little more than that but its actually quite simple. After all these books, and a ton of money on training and events it comes down to this..


If you have a problem in your business I can help you fix it....and's how


So back to my Star Wars analogy. Turns out that you can find your purpose after years of never knowing it. The villain in my case wasn't some bloke in a cool mask and black cloak. It was me! Not learning enough and working way too much in the business.


If you've read this far...well done! Heres my list of what NOT to do!


I don't see myself as a business coach. I see myself as a guide to helping you solve your problems.


No one wants to buy a drill...they want a hole in the wall


If you want to do something about it, here are some options. I run events.  Some are free and some are paid workshops. Heres a list


Maybe you want to know more about how the methods can help in the areas where I see people struggle the most. People, sales and time? 

  • People - cant get the right ones, or, can't get them engaged, or, cant replace them!

  • Sales - not got enough, or, its always feast or famine, or, need new markets

  • Time - wheres it going, or, way too much time in the biz not on the biz, or, people are always
    stealing it form me so I have none left for me!


Sound familiar? If so then take a look here to see what we can do about it


I will leave you with this because its probably the most important thing I have learned...


"Be happy now".


That's it you cry! Be Happy? 


I know it might sound a little light but it's important and if you aren't there yet do something about it. The cost to you and everyone around you is just too much.


I'm now a recovering "workaholic" but I am helping more people, working with more balance and building a more stable financial future that I ever thought possible.


All thanks to that email.


There's more, but that's another story.


Learn more - Become more - Live More




p.s - have a think about how Star Wars relates to your story....would love to hear what you get

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