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Welcome to the Circle Business Club

Its bite-size chunks of guidance, advice and action to get your business moving in the way you want it to go

Who is it for?

Ambitious people. No matter what their position in the Company. Its designed to accelerate knowledge and action with specific tactics that when applied are highly effective.

How does it work?

Simple - weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions that last an hour over zoom or face to face. Specific blockages will be discovered in those sessions then the solutions applied.

What sort of things are covered?


The most common are:-
- Strategic direction
- Financial planning designed to give the owner what they want
- Sales
- Marketing
- Recruitment
- Key Performance indicators
- Leadership training
- Workshops
- Operations
- Technology
- Exit planning
- Succession planning

...pretty much all areas that I have helped businesses of all types overcome over the past 7 years

What will I get from it?

Focus, peace of mind and a rediscovered purpose and energy. 

You will understand what it will take to power your retirement or exit from the business.
You will understand if you have the right people to deliver the business you want and if not how to get them.

You will understand how it feels to be free from your business rather than ruled by it.

How much does it cost?

£150+vat per session. This isn't a get rich quick scheme so plan for at least 12 sessions. For more bespoke projects bespoke pricing is involved..

How can I get involved?


Well, the first step is a phone call then ideally a face-to-face meeting or over zoom if needed.

I love helping business leaders out and giving them the solutions to issues that have been keeping them awake at night

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