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Imagine you knew how to unleash potential.


The potential in you, your team and your Company.


To guide ambitious people


To forge teams becoming more than they thought possible


To remove barriers through education and action.



So here's my take on things


Of course, it's important to allow people to find their own path. This encourages them to take their own actions and execute their own plans.


There are times, however, when you just have to get on with taking big action, test and measure the results and go in a new direction.


The tools that have been developed from 3 global coaching organisations are designed to accelerate results for you and your team.


To remove any blockages that you have....sounds great doesn't it?



But it comes with a warning...


Like any elite team, there are some basics that need to be in place...


1. You have to have a desire to want more from your life than you are getting right now because change is involved and the reward has to massively make up for any discomfort.


2. You will have to be ok with making people changes in your team. Like any successful sports team, it takes the right combination of players to make it work. Too many times I have been into organisations to discover that the leader wants to change but no one else! That just leads to misery for everyone!


3. A willingness to get it done. We all have our "reasons" but to get a different result you have to embrace new approaches, new tools and new learning. You will need to become a new you.


That's what happened to me and why I came up with the motto that keeps me level and finding balance...


Learn More

Become More

Live more


In truth, for me its a work in progress....but it massively helps lower the volume of those incessant voices in my head!



So let's get into it a little more...


To get the best out of business it's about getting the best out of people.


A Company is just a group of people trying to find their way and the role of leadership is to inspire them every day, take them on a wondrous adventure that's holding treasures along the way. 

To do that we have to address two BIG areas:-


The Human Doing


The Human Being


Because we are evolved apes, we share some common traits that our 2 million-year-old brains just can't shake. We need 3 things to keep us motivated, happy and productive to do meaningful work.


1. Certainty

2. Purpose

3. Money


That's it.


Give a person those 3 things and watch them soar

(that is as long as they want to!)


If you think I'm wrong, ask yourself what the opposite

of these is. Have you ever felt that? How did it feel?


We get people engaged to work happily for us by

creating a safe environment where they can be themselves.


That's the role of leadership (watch this)


To do that we have to paint a picture of where we are taking them.


One that's filled with promise!


Then we need to help everyone with the way they behave. It's like saying "right, this is where we are going and this is who we need to be in order to get there"


These are the values of the business.


Now before you roll your eyes, let me inform you that there are values that exist in every business because every business has people. It's just that some of those existing values you may not want to brag about!


Then we put in some measurable ways for people to be accountable to themselves, their families and their teammates. A way that shows them where they are doing great and where they can improve.


This is how we take care of the "Human Being" side of things


This is the area that's missing so much from businesses I see. 


It's the most important by far and its also the hardest part to get right.


But its essential for mega success.



Now let's take a look at the insides of the business - the "Human Doing"


This is where people can get lost - me being one of them!


Years can go by here and unchecked it can lead to massive disengagement from your team.


Did you know that a gallup survey shows that only 11% of your salary bill is going to people that are working productively to help you move forward


Anyway, what do we need to do?


Train, train, train and more training.


Marketing - to get leads fast

Sales - to close leads fast

Recruitment - to replace the wrong people!

Retention - to support and keep the right people

Systems - to improve consistency

Leadership - bring out the best in others....its a skill

Productivity - pity the 'busy' people...who wants that?


and a bunch more


In fact you can download some tools and training ideas here . I call it moving the middle because if we can move the middle part of your team we can get greater traction.


There to educate, support and hold people accountable to be the best they can be. I also roll up my sleeves and get involved where needed to move things along.


Here's one little bit of philosophy that really shook my world!




















Its the leaders job to look after the team.

A strong compelling vision, robust finances and giving everyone purpose.


The teams job is to look after the customers.

They need to be the best trained they can be and have a desire to be that


The customers job is to look after the business.

Keep them coming back by staying in touch and not giving them a reason to leave!


The businesses job is to look after its owners or leaders.

Providing good profits that can be shared out and re-invested.


Thats it!


Everything else is just noise!

In my world, a business is there to one of 3 things for you:-

Build it to sell

Have it run without you needing to be there

Have the choice of when you go in and for how long


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